5 Interesting Facts About Helium

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Fact #1.  You would need around 6,000 balloons to lift you into the air if you weigh 75kgs.

A standard 30cm helium balloon can lift the weight off one CD (compact disc) which is about 14 grams. If you do the math you would need 5,357 balloons to equal your body weight at 75kgs so we rounded it up to 6000 balloons if you want to get of the ground! (Of course we do not recommend this though!)

Red helium balloon bunch flying into blue sky


Fact #2. If you place a helium balloon inside a car and accelerate, it will move to the front of the car.

This is very counterintuitive. This happens because of the fact that helium is lighter than air. Check out this awesome explanation video below. 

Fact #3. Helium is around 7x lighter than air.

Helium balloons float because the helium weighs less than air and is therefore more buoyant (more floaty). To visualise this, picture yourself holding a helium balloon by the string and it is floating in a "pool" of air. It is exactly the same as if you were holding a drink bottle of air by the string inside a "pool of water".

Diagram of person holding helium balloon in a pool or air

Fact #4. Why does helium make your voice sound higher?

Helium makes your voice sound higher because helium gas is less dense than air. This means that sound travels over twice as fast through helium than it does regular air. This in turn makes your voice travel more quickly across your vocal cords so that you sound like a squeaky mouse or duck. Did you know that there is a gas called sulfur hexafluoride that makes your voice sound deep! Check out the funny video below. (Although it may be funny we do not recommend inhaling any gases as it can deprive your brain of oxygen.)

Fact #5. Helium can leak from balloons 

Helium molecules are very very tiny, so small in-fact that they can leak through the balloon skin. This means that eventually a helium balloon may not float as well as it did on day one. We have a solution however, we use HI-FLOAT inside our balloons which forms a coating on the inside that greatly reduces helium and air loss. 

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