DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper Tutorial

DIY Balloon Garland Cake Topper Tutorial
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Take your cake decorating to another level with our mini balloon garland cake toppers!

These stunning cake decorations will add the wow factor to any wedding, birthday, or special event.

Our DIY kits are super easy to assemble - we've even put together a tutorial video for you to follow!  Alternatively you can pick up a ready made one from us in store.

Get yours here. 

Custom blue cute balloon garland cake topper on top of blue lagoon birthday cake

Check out the video tutorial below and to learn how to make your own cake topper. 


Begin by wrapping the wire around one of the balloon sticks five times.

How to assemble wire around balloon stick for DIY balloon cake topper kit

Inflate the balloons in sets of three, being sure to make them different sizes. The balloons can be made rounder by pressing them against a hard table. 

Blue mini balloons made rounder for balloon garland cake topper

Tie two of the balloons together as demonstrated in the video. 

Connecting two blue mini balloons for trendy DIY cake topper kit

Attach the third balloon to complete the triplet. 

three blue balloons tied together for organic garland DIY kit

Inflate the remaining balloons until there is six sets of three. 

Shades of blue balloons for mini cake topper

To create the garland, wrap the wire around the first set of balloons. Be sure to start from the end already connected to the balloon stick. 

Attaching blue balloons to wire and balloon stick

Continue adding sets of balloons, being sure to press the balloons close together to avoid gaps in your garland. To finish, wrap the remaining wire around the last balloon stick. 

Blue, green and baby blue balloon garland DIY kit assembly

Congratulations! You now have a cute decoration that will transform any cake from novice to pro!

Decorative cake topper a cute addition for weddings, birthdays and 21st

Click the link below to see our fantastic range of balloon garland cake toppers from rainbow, to mermaid to monochrome. 

Get yours here. 


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