Environmental factors:

Temperature is one of the biggest factors affecting how long your balloon will float. They are best kept at an even, comfortable room temperature. If the room is too hot, your balloon may burst. If the room is too cold, your balloon may start to droop.

Tip #1: Don’t put your balloon in a hot car.

Tip #2: Keep your balloons at a constant room temperature - avoid heaters, air conditioning units etc.

Amount of time kept in balloon transport bag:

We often give our customers balloon bags to assist with transporting the balloons to their destination. While these are fantastic to protect them from weather and keep control of the balloons in the car, they will reduce the life of the balloon if kept in there too long.

Tip #3: Take your balloons out of the balloon bag as soon as you reach your venue.

The type of balloon purchased:

Bubble balloons and foil balloons (also know as Mylar balloons) can last days, weeks or even months! They have a much longer lifespan than latex balloons because latex balloons are porous and helium slowly escapes out of them. An 28cm (11 inch) balloon will generally last 10-12 hours when kept in optimum conditions. However, we can add Hi-Float to your latex balloons, which is a conditioning treatment applied to the inside of the balloon to slow down the deflation process. This can extend the life of your balloon by a few days to a week or more.

TIP #4: Consider what type of balloon will meet your needs.

The size of the balloon purchased:

When it comes to balloons, generally bigger is better! A standard 28cm (11 inch) latex balloon will float for about 10-12 hours, while a 90cm (3ft) balloon can last up to 3-5 days. 

TIP #4: Consider what size of balloon will meet your needs.

These are the main factors determining how long your balloon will float. We also recommend picking up your helium balloons as close to your event time as possible to ensure you get the most float time from them as possible. Alternatively, we do offer delivery to save you the stress!