Important Helium Notice

Due to availability and price increases, we are introducing a temporary surcharge on all helium filled balloons. This will automatically be applied at checkout when purchasing your balloons.

We highly recommend our customers to consider our wide range of specialty air filled options, such garlands (including DIY kits), AirLoonzcolumns, arches, sculptures, and more. We are developing even more amazing air filled options, so if you have any ideas you would love to see from us please let us know!

Please note, use of balloon/industrial grade helium does not affect supply of medical grade helium. Medical grade helium is 99.999% pure. The helium that is deemed unfit for purification for medical use (up to 99% pure helium) is what we use for our balloons. The balloon and party industry use approximately 5-7% of the total supply of helium at any given point in time.

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