Custom Printed 11" Latex Balloon - One Side - Pack of 200

Custom Printed 11" Latex Balloon - One Side - Pack of 200

We offer professional personalised custom printed helium quality 11” latex balloons printed with state of the art silk screen printing techniques to give your balloons a clear, sharp image. We can colour match the printing ink to any PMS colour and have a wide range of balloon colours.

Balloons are able to be printed for all occasions. Birthdays, weddings, right through to large corporate promotions. If you want to get your logo or message out there, then printed balloons are a fun, exciting and economical way to do just that.

Colour Options

One Colour Artwork and Greyscale

Single colour artwork can be printed on balloons. Contrasting colour balloons create a great effect for emphasising your image or logo. Photographs and gradients can be printed in one colour using a stipple effect, which uses dots of varying sizes to show the graduation of shading in an image.

Two Colour Artwork

Try to avoid using 2 colour artwork where the colours overlap as balloons are a moving substrate, print registration can not be guaranteed. It is recommended there is a 3-5mm gap between colours.

Overlapping colours may be possible where the foreground image is floating independently of the background, depending on the artwork and ink colours used.

Image Area

Unless advised otherwise we will always print your image as large as possible on the balloons.  Our printable area is limited to fit inside a 13cm diameter and centred.  If your artwork is wide and narrow it will not show that well on the balloon, so take advantage of the whole print area.

File Formats

We are unable to print process colours, please provide spot colours only in format files.

PDF: Press quality, high resolution PDF.  Keep spot colours if any.
EPS: Please outline or path text if possible. Keep Spot colours if any.
JPG or TIFF: Must be supplied at a minimum of 600lpi at final printing size required if text or logos are in the image. Photos only may be supplied at 300lpi.

Please be aware that images from websites are usually 75dpi – too low resolution for printing purposes and faxed artwork cannot be used.

Print Orientation

There are two options:

Neck Up for balloons filled with air. These are designed to be hung.

Neck Down for helium filled balloons or balloons filled with air that are to be used on cups and sticks.

Prices effective from June 2016

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