Increased Float Time on 60cm Helium Balloons

Increased Float Time on 60cm Helium Balloons

Helium Balloons are great fun and a stunning decoration for your party, however it can seem like all to soon that they loose their float.  Hi Float is a speciality product that we can put into latex balloons before the helium that makes the balloon less pourous than it is naturally.  Without Hi Float a helium latex balloon can be expected to float at its full size for 6-12 hours; alternatively with hi float you can expect a helium latex balloon to last 3 days to a week.  If you want longer lasting and longer floating latex balloons, select this option for the amount of balloons you select.

This is for ONE helium LATEX balloon and is an add-on
Please note: Actual float times are also dependent on atomspheric conditions

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